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Vitality Orchards was launched by Dr. Nicholas Varvarelis in 2020. Nick was born in the Magnisia area of Greece and consumed the best tasting and best quality olive oil as a child. His family immigrated to the United States and settled down in Bethlehem, PA. Nick became a local physician and his wife, Bethany became a registered nurse.


The Varvarelis family wanted to find a way to bring this amazing and nutritious olive oil from his hometown area of Greece to their region in Pennsylvania because it is very difficult to find olive oil of this caliber in the Lehigh Valley. Using their own family's orchard in Amaliapoli, Greece (pictured above), along with two other orchards owned by family friends, the Varvarelis family was able to begin importing this amazing product.


Vitality Orchards' Greek extra virgin olive oil is extremely delicious and is an amazing health food that can be enjoyed every day as part of a healthy lifestyle to promote wellness and longevity.

2018 Xafas orchard.jpg

From Amaliapoli, Greece
to Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania
from our family to yours. 

We produce amazing olive oil
for a healthier you!

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