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When it comes to taste, Vitality Orchards olive oil will quickly become your olive oil of choice.  There are several different varieties of olive trees throughout the Mediterranean region and Greece.  Unlike other olives that make heavy and complex oils, our orchards are unique because they use the Amphissis variety of olive. This Amphissis olive is cold pressed and creates a light, bright, citrusy and fragrant oil with a buttery taste which will seamlessly compliment and enhance the taste of all the foods you enjoy. 


Let this sun-kissed, golden olive oil bring out the taste of chicken, pasta, salad, vegetables, bread, and more.

For centuries, the people of Thessaly have specialized in producing this delicious olive oil, with our family in particular taking joy with its use in our kitchen.  We know it will please your palate and add a wonderful option in producing the very best of meals for your family!


It is no secret that extra virgin olive oil helps to reduce cardiovascular disease by about 25% (which is better than many modern pharmaceuticals), which is typically measured by the concentration of polyphenols over 250 mg/kg per tablespoon.


All three of our olive oils are well above this threshold, thereby giving all the health benefits on less than a tablespoon a day. Many studies show benefits in fighting Alzheimer’s disease, certain cancers (especially breast cancer), helping maintain a healthy weight, increasing immunity response to germs, and many other helpful effects through the positive impact of antioxidants.

enjoy the 

enjoy the


Extra virgin olive oil has been used for thousands of years for various skin disorders and other physical maladies, moisturizer, and even dressing wounds due to the antimicrobial properties in the oil.  

Extra virgin olive oil is beneficial in every diet, but if you are focused on healthy living and weight loss by utilizing a keto diet, Whole30, or the Mediterranean Diet then this olive oil is essential.  It will deliver about 13.5 g of mostly unsaturated fat with no carbohydrates in just 1 tablespoon. Vitality Orchards is 100% pure, farm-to-table Greek extra virgin olive oil with nothing added.


The olive oil you TRUST enough to serve your family at every meal.


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